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Unsubscribe your car insurance
Unsubscribing from your policy should not be a problem for you as long as you do it correctly. However, if you do not perform all the steps correctly, or take into account some conditions, your insurer can put obstacles in the way of canceling your insurance.

If you want to cancel car insurance and hire a new policy, comparator allows you to find the policies that best suit what you need. In just 3 minutes you can find a cheap car insurance saving up to 50%.

In the following lines we will delve into the steps to follow to cancel your car insurance.

› Automatic renewal

If you want to cancel your car insurance you have to take into account two aspects. It is important to know that car insurance is renewed automatically according to the provisions of each contract. In this way, and as established by the regulations: All insurance policies are annual, and the duration of the "contract will be determined in the policy, which can not set a term longer than ten years." Thus, "it may be established that it be extended one or more times for a period not exceeding one year at a time". Regardless of the mode of payment (cash or split), the desire to withdraw insurance is subject to the regulations established by this law. Thus, "the parties can oppose the extension of the contract by means of written notification to the other party, made at least one month before the end of the insurance period in progress when the person opposes the extension be the policyholder, and two months when the insurer is."

› Cancel the insurance before the expiration of the policy

It may be the case that we want to cancel the insurance of our car before the expiration date of our policy. There are usually three reasons why you can unsubscribe your car insurance before that date arrives: In general, if none of these conditions are met, and you want to cancel your policy before its expiration, the consequences will depend on the company with which you have contracted your policy.

› Common cases for which we canceled the policy

› Common error when canceling your car insurance

One of the most repeated errors when it comes to canceling the insurance of our car is to stop paying the company's receipts. Many people believe that failing to pay the amount of the policy is the easiest way to cancel it. However, doing this assumes that the company, in general, can proceed to: In a case like this, the insurer will pass the receipt. If the bank returns it (because the client has decided that they do not want to continue paying for a policy), the insurance company will repeat the operation approximately fifteen days later. In some cases, insurers set a deadline of up to 60 days for the customer to pay the receipt. But, as we have said, it is only about certain cases. There are also companies that, in this type of situation, notify their customers via telephone or ordinary mail of the error, with the purpose of solving it. If you stop paying your insurance fee for any other reason (such as financial problems, for example), the insurance company may refuse to provide any service until payment of the amount owed is made. In this case, if for example, you suffer an accident on the road, your company could refuse to help you if you have not paid the entire amount to pay. At the time the payment is made, all the coverages included will be applied again 24 hours after the payment of the money.
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