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Secure the extras of your car
When we insure a car we can choose very different types of coverage depending on certain factors, such as the extra accessories that our vehicle has. So, when we take out insurance it is important to take into account these non-standard components, and decide if we want them to be covered by our policy to avoid having any problems.

› What are the extras of a car?

It is understood as extras those elements that are not included in your car from the first moment. That is, those components, such as tinted windows or alloy wheels, that a person decides to include in their car in a complementary way. In general, you have to pay extra for a supplement when buying the car and when including them in the policy. The serial accessories are, on the other hand, those that are included at the time of purchase of a car, such as the steering wheel or seats.

When it comes to insuring your car, you can choose the coverages you want your policy to include. The type of insurance you hire will depend on what you are looking for. For example, if you want your car insurance to respond to advise you in case you are fined, or you want your company to cover any failure or damage to the anti-theft system that you installed voluntarily, you can add coverage to your policy let him do it.

In this first case (that of fines), it is worth mentioning that the entity will not answer for you in the sense of taking charge - penalties of this type are considered as negligence - but it will advise you and offer you legal help if you need her.

› Requirements to ensure the extras of your car

As we have seen, if you want an extra element to be covered by insurance, a series of conditions must be met:
› Are extras included in my policy?

When you want to buy insurance for your car, it is necessary that you inform your company if your vehicle has an extra component that you want to include in your policy. Since in case of not doing so, the extras will not be covered in case of theft or damage. So, for example, if you want your alloy wheels covered by your car insurance but you do not let your insurer know, and one day one of them is stolen, your company will not have the obligation to indemnify you, since this Extra was not communicated and therefore had not been included in the policy.

› Do I have to pay to secure the extras of my car?

In general, insurers require you to pay a supplement to your car insurance premium in case you want to cover the extras. To determine if your car's non-standard accessories are covered in your insurance policy, you must take into account the conditions established in your contract. And it is that there are companies that include the coverage of extras in the policies, while the majority, difference between the accessories of series, and complementary accessories or extras.

› How much will you receive?

The amounts to be received in case we suffer the theft or damage of a non-standard accessory of our vehicle will depend on the company with which we have contracted the policy. There may be cases in which the insurer indemnifies for the total value of the extra, that is, if, for example, a tinted moon breaks us, the company replaces us assuming the total of the expenses.

Or it may happen that, on the contrary, the company covers only a percentage of the total price or repair of the accessory. To avoid confusion and problems, we recommend that you know the conditions included in your contract regarding extras coverage.

› What if we include new accessories to our vehicle after a while?

In case the accessory is included after the purchase of the car, and therefore, you already have an insurance contract, this should appear in the same way in the particular conditions of your policy. So you must tell your insurer at the time you want to have a coverage that protects it. As with the rest of the non-series items, you must provide all kinds of details about this: type of accessory, price, model, etc.
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